Nostradamus prophesy is coming true: Germany really is ruining Europe

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Drawing by Vadim Vasiliev Drawing by Vadim Vasiliev

"Let Berlin finally act with professionalism and respect for international law, the strict observance of which it professes to be so concerned about" - Maria Zakharova, Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

This story is about a Russian family who, in response to their advocacy for children's rights, was branded by the German government as a 'threat to the constitutional order'.

Seeing Germany as it is now, countless households with empty fridges, children shivering in the cold in schools all over the country, sitting in classes in down jackets under blankets, gritting their teeth with frozen ink in their pens, the mass unemployment, billions of euros each year of money laundering and transfers to refugee status claimants, the booming business in face masks, gowns, PCR tests, and COVID-19 vaccinations, the forced mass vaccinations of helpless old people in nursing homes, convicts in prisons, and psychiatric patients with an experimental unproven German drug with sometimes dire side effects up to and including even coma or death, the ban on even two families getting together at Christmas and New Year's, New Year's Eve celebrations on gathering ban-exempt busses, the gas heaters in classrooms that could explode and kill children... looking at all this, one sees a Germany that is turning the dystopian predictions of Europe's descent into a nightmare that is becoming real.

Николай Эрней: "самый справедливый немецкий суд"!? 

Many who've encountered the 'other side' of the oft-touted 'socially-oriented' German state are today talking about the human rights efforts of a Russo-German husband and father named Nikolay Erney. For over two years this Russian compatriot has been contending with the daunting German state bureaucratic machine, to defend the human rights of Russian children not only in Germany, but in the European Union as a whole. For these efforts he's been subjected to fourteen politically-motivated criminal cases over the past year. Recently, the German police "awarded" Mr. Erney the status of a politically-dangerous person who, according to the assertion of the German government, threatens the 'constitutional order' in Germany. Our editorial team looked into the twists and turns of this story. 

An Incorrigible Romantic 

Nikolay Erney, a mathematician and computer scientist graduate of the prestigious Russian Tomsk State University, is a highly-skilled programmer who's worked in some of the world's largest corporations. An ethnic German on his mother's side, he decided to unite his life and career with his ancestral homeland. In 2016, the Erney family, with their two young children, came to Germany under the Late Settler Program and a successful European fairytale appeared to be in the making. But, as the Vladimir Vysotsky song goes, the reality turned out to be "an even worse nightmare". 

The first glimpse of the unraveling came when their eldest child, Maxim, suddenly and unexpectedly refused to go to his public German school. An Afghan-born 'refugee' classmate had tried to strangle him. The Erneys brought this to the attention of the school administration and sent their son to the school again. The school, however, failed to protect Maxim from the violent bully, who proceeded to knock Maxim down, and, lying on top of him, gestured to behead him and threatened: "You'll be dead!".

The German public school bureaucrats insisted that this beheading gesture was only "figurative", and saw "nothing to fear", the Afghan boy was simply mimicking what he'd seen in a cartoon. Three years later, now that in France an Islamist really has beheaded a teacher, it's clear that Maxim and his parents were correct to acknowledge that the threat of deadly revenge was real. 

The Erneys arranged for Maxim's acceptance to an excellent school at the Russian diplomatic mission in Bonn. The 'Schulamt' (German education department), however, categorically forbade Maxim to attend this alternative to his being beaten and threatened with death in a German public school. 

Additionally, the German government threatened to fine the Erneys €1,000 each day Maxim failed to turn up at the German public school at which he was already choked, and then again beaten, and then threatend with beheading. Going even further, the Erneys were threatened, that unless they send Maxim to a German public school, that they would be imprisoned and both Maxim and his younger sibling would be permanently taken from the family. The Erneys recall leaving the Bonn Schulamt feeling powerless against the enormous injustice.

Ms. Erney and the children, to be safe form the German bureacrats, returned to Russia, putting an end to this "European experiment". Mr. Erney decided to publicly castigate Germany for its egregious violations of the rights of children which he had witnessed. In his search for truth, this Russian German turned to the institutions of the European Union. He wrote a detailed complaint about the unlawful actions of both the German school and the Schulamt, both of which institutions have the political backing of the German state. Mr. Erney argued that the Federal republic of Germany had, above all, violated two articles of the Treaty of Lisbon of 2007 (essentially the EU Constitution): Article 2, which states that the EU is based on the values of human dignity and respect for human rights, and Article 3 Paragraph 3, which states that the EU aims to promote peace, its values and the welfare of its peoples, and that the EU fights against social marginalisation and discrimination, promotes social justice and social protection, equality between women and men, solidarity between generations and the protection of children's rights. In addition, the complainant pointed out violations by Germany of several paragraphs of the Treaty of Nice of 2003, the Maastricht Treaty of 1993 and also the Rome Treaty of 1957.

The European Commission, represented by the Department for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, swiftly accepted the complaint, and seemed to promise an adequate hearing. But, the German authorities were quick to make clear that incorrigible romantics like Nikolay Erney have no place in the "Great Germany of the 21st century". 

Крик о помощи из Берлина 

Criminal Conviction for Political Wit

While the European Commission was appearing to consider Nikolay Enrei's complaint, the German repression apparatus did not sit idly by. Ms. Charlotte Fischer, the principal of the German school where Maxim was repeatedly beaten and even threatened with beheading, the one which neglected to protect Maxim, would not tolerate any critique of her lack of protection for Maxim. So, when an Afghan threatens to cut off the head of one or more of his roughly 60 schoolmates, and the school neglects to protect Maxim and staff tell the father that "nothing wrong" with making such a threat, that this father has no right to act to protect his child. A criminal charge against Mr. Erney under Article 185 of the Criminal Code of the Federal Republic of Germany, namely 'Insult'. 

"Having received two letters about fines of a thousand euros a day for missing school, in fact for not flying daily from Moscow to Cologne, I suggested that Ms. Fischer undergo a medical-psychiatric examination, namely an 'Idiot Test'," recalls Mr. Erney. "The letters, dated the beginning of September, wrote that Maxim had missed classes at the end of September. I congratulated the woman on seeing the future. My humour was taken as a criminal offence."

This criminal case fell apart before reaching a public trial.

After moving his children to safety in Russia from the German punitive authorities, our hero applied to the German court (at that time he still believed in the German judicial system) to enforce international UN conventions on children's and human rights, as well as the Convention on Consular Relations, and to get permission from Germany for all Russian families wishing to attend a safe, high-quality consular school under the Russian Foreign Ministry. For the Russian Consulate agrees to admit children, while the German government categorically forbids it, and even threatens to take children from parents who resist against the beating of their Russian child in a German school.

In court, five German judges cynically said that if a child is beaten in one German school, go to another German school. You have the opportunity to try all the other schools in Germany, you can change cities. Violence in German schools is a normal process of children growing up. At the school attended by the hero's son, the court has documented three attempted stranglings of children who suffered and will suffer nightmares all their lives. For the German court, the police, the public prosecutor's office, the city and regional administration, the national government and the German national legislature, all this is absolutely normal, as things ought to be.

A second criminal case was then brought against our hero: for Mr. Erney's comparing the behavior of the German courts to those of Nazi Germany. The same German court which had forbidden a Russian child to attend a safe, high-quality Russian school, is the one which 5 other judges refused to recognise the suffereing of about 250,000 Russian children, victims of Gestapo and SS breeding experiments in German concentration camps and orphanages, stolen during World War II from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the Czech Republic, where the blood was drained from living children to serve the Nazi army.  

Looking at these two court decisions, imbued with the sadistic-Nazi spirit of the local administrative court, passed with the participation of 10 German judges and supported by the superior court and the German Constitutional Court, having analyzed the German executive and judicial legislation in terms of human rights, the Russian German came to a disappointing conclusion: There is essentially no difference between the courts and the branches of government in today's Germany and tose of the Third Reich, and he informed the judges of this by sending them historical photos from Wikipedia of victims of Nazi concentration camps and judges of the Third Reich. 

A second criminal case was initiated over this letter and handed over to Bonn's most despised criminal judge, Alexander Fülling. He is notorious for forging criminal case files, actively using Google Translate to translate documents, completely ignoring and violating international and, even more so, German law, provoking parties in the proceedings to harsh criticism of himself and the court, and immediately declaring defendants under long-term arrest for insulting the court or placing them in a psychiatric clinic. And in his spare time he sells CDs with Nazi marches by SS and Gestapo officers and SS symbols, and finds nothing wrong with it.

Judge Alexander Füling

Judge Alexander Fühling

During the preliminary trial of the rebellious Russian father, Judge Fühling sentenced him in absentia to three months in prison. Our hero disagreed with the sentence and demanded a public trial and told the court that he would invite the consulates of Russia, Belarus, Namibia and China to observe the lawlessness of the German court. For the young state of Namibia, this would be the best example and indicator of how the German state is destroying its own citizens. In response, Judge Fühling ordered a compulsory psychiatric examination by one of Germany's most notorious and corrupt psychiatrists, Dr. Wolfgang Schwachula. With the justification that the father was an alledged danger to his children. Remember, punitive psychiatry came out of the Third Reich. 


Psychiatrist Wolfgang Schwachula and Deputy Chairman of the German Bundestag Michaela Marion Noll

In response to the judges' inappropriate behaviour, Mr. Erney, who has by now become a popular blogger, published his conclusions in satirical posts with corresponding illustrations and collages, for which he received ten more criminal charges. The case of the rebuked citizen was taken up by the now Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany, which is, the German secret service. The overly-witty Russian German is now facing not three months but more than five years in prison.

Useless Scrap of Paper

The European Commission in Brussels had by this time issued a document that stated that their investigation into Mr. Erney's complaint "did not reveal any violations of EU law". Human rights watchers and legal scholars who had been following the case were appalled by this callous disregard of flagrant human rights abuse of a child not only as an individual case, but what concerned them even more by this excuse why they refused to take corrective action, is that such a response  is that it can be interpreted as meaning that the European Commission is powerless against violence in EU schools. Yes, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child exists, but surprisingly it somehow does not apply in Germany. Our editorial team asked Mr. Garri Mourei, head of the Austria-based European Information Centre for Human Rights, to comment on the "useless scrap of paper".

"In the lengthy letter from the European Commission, I would highlight two significant points," human rights activist Mr. Mourei stressed. "In rejecting Nikolay Erney's complaint on the merits, Brussels referred to "the absence of relevant EU legislation applicable to the issues raised in the complaint". There is more. The European Commission mentions the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which obliges democratic states to take appropriate measures to protect children from violence, abuse or exploitation. But then, and I quote, the response reads in black and white: "This UN Convention is not part of European Union law, but rather an instrument of international law, created under the auspices of the United Nations." How is this to be understood? It turns out that Brussels demonstrates political impotence when it comes to the protection of children in German schools. European officials are either monstrously incompetent or devious. 

The head of the European Information Centre for Human Rights stated that the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN in 1989 and has been signed and ratified by all European Union countries, including Germany, of course. And since 2010, if we again refer to Germany, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been elevated to the status of federal law. "However, this response from the European Commission makes it clear that the UN Convention does not work within the EU as part of EU law. And what has been introduced into federal law in Germany has essentially no legal force whatsoever," continued Mr. Mourei. 

The second point, to which the international human rights defender drew attention, concerns the judicial mechanisms for citizens to challenge a decision of the EU authorities. "The European Commission is in fact rejecting Nikolay Erney's application to the German judicial system and then to the ECtHR on his own. They say that the EC has no authority to interfere in the ongoing administration of justice in the EU Member States, saying that this is the exclusive competence of the national authorities. 

But the European officials are modestly silent that since 2004, Germany has not considered it obligatory to implement the decisions of the ECtHR on its territory. "This is the decision of the German Constitutional Court 2 BvR 1481/04," Garri Mourei clarified. In brackets, I should note that in Russia such a decision was made last year, according to the will of the people, whereas in Germany it has been in force for more than 15 years without any will of the people, but rather simply by the decision of a bunch of officials." 

In any case, according to the human rights activist, "Brussels has stated: violation of the rights of Russian-speaking children in Germany, i.e. the worst Russophobia imaginable, is the norm, it has been legitimised." Garri Mourei suggests that "no European Commission has looked into Erney's complaint". "I have no doubt that this ignorant, sadistic and unacceptable letter was drafted by the Germans at the State Chancellery in North Rhine-Westphalia to be sent to the German section of the European Commission to pass on to the obstinate querulent that position as an EU government position. The circle has closed," sums up the head of the European Information Centre for Human Rights.

 Mr. Ernei

"Enemy of the state" 

Just recently Mr. Erney received yet another summons from the German police, in which the Russo-German was "awarded" the status of "Gefährder", that is, an "enemy of the state". This status has been given since 2007 to people who threaten the "constitutional order in" Germany. Human rights activist Garri Mourei bitterly grimaces that the awarding of this status indicates that "the award has found a hero".

"It means that his online performances in Germany have reached all the way to the top. In essence, the man is being accused of starting to undercut the pillars of the German state. And that's something the New Reich can't stand. As of today, as far as I know, no German lawyer has been willing to defend Mr. Erney. We contacted a law firm which at one time even defended international terrorists. But when they saw the papers that said 'Gefährder', they refused," the human rights defender commented.

Mr. Erney himself looks at the situation as a strategist and does not despair. "Yes, the German police have labelled me as a rebel leader," the Russo-German commented to our editorial board. "Simply because of my mass distribution of e-mails which they interpreted as slander against the state system of Germany. All I did was to state my opinion that this country is corrupt, and one in which fake judges serve. I did so because I have the documentation to prove my point. In the end, I have sent 3 million, no, you have not heard me wrong, 3 million 500 thousand e-mails to 60 thousand German e-mail addresses. To politicians, MPs, officials, public figures, journalists, plus ordinary citizens: taxi drivers, pizza vendors, doctors". The Russian German stresses that these letters are "not spam, as they may seem at first glance, but a cry for help for mugged Jews, mugged Russians, beaten children!"

"I and many people in Germany have not been able to get justice. While researching the problems, I realized that most German citizens are unaware of the problems of anti-Semitism and, as an extreme expression, of Russophobic anti-Semitism, corruption and lawlessness in the social services. I decided to bring this unsightly information to all of them, from the communes to the chancellor's office, so that leaders at all levels, upon reading it, would not just go into a wild rage, but would take at least some action. I am a citizen of two countries, Russia and Germany, and the human rights element in me is of course from the Russian mentality. And I only fulfill my civic duty, I want to help this country to realize that Germany is going down the wrong path, and that this path threatens disaster. ".

Mr. Erney continues, "I personally saw and experienced the collapse of the USSR and I really don't want to see and experience the collapse of the European Union in general nor Germany in particular. But I am absolutely convinced that at the end of the path Germany and the EU are on, there will be a hundred states independent of each other. The European Union and Germany will collapse from the godlessness and lawlessness they are doing against their citizens. I know that in Russia there is the notion of parliamentary enquiry, there is public interest and finally there is civil society. I thought and hoped that such mechanisms existed in Germany too, but there is nothing like that here. It is a legal desert. As a result, the German authorities are taking revenge on me, and also on my children".

In addition, the programmer has created 30 independent websites where he posts German court decisions which demonstrate the Russophobia and neo-Nazi bent of the German courts of today. "According to statistics, police and prosecutors, officials and judges in Germany are regular readers of news on these websites. There is no specialised portal where citizens can publish their assessment of the work of lawyers, judges and prosecutors. There is none, because any negative assessment of the work of a lawyer, judge or prosecutor will result in the citizen being sued for defamation and fined a handsome sum. Therefore I have created these sites, which I gradually fill up with information. Every citizen of any country in the world, not only Germany, can leave their feedback there," Mr. Erney added. 

Politicians from all of Germany's leading parties responded to the hero's letters with instructions not to send them anything more, and at the same time asked the police to punish the Russo-German for criticizing Germany and its political parties, and to take away Erney's Internet access altogether, to literally "cut his wire". The Cologne public prosecutor's office strongly advised Mr. Erney to throw away his computer and all smartphones. And warned that for every email already sent and to be sent, a new case would be opened and a prison sentence added. The Cologne police arrived and removed the door to the flat where the persona-non-grata German lived. 

Judging by the reactions of the addressees, the Russo-German's socio-political investigations were a breath of fresh air against the background of the severe censorship and the taboo in force on internal political issues in Germany. With all his experience and documentation (e.g. cases of judicial corruption that involve fictitious judges without judicial status), Mr. Erney is ready to come to court. But the German authorities are afraid of open judicial competition, preferring, in his words, "to act with Gestapo methods". 

"But I believe that I will put a stick in the gears of the German bureaucratic machine of lies, propaganda and arbitrariness, and it will break. Backing me is freedom of speech, which is so cherished in the West. And I believe in the prophecy of Nostradamus, who said that 'the horror will come from the East'. East of what? Not from the east of Europe? From the East of Europe, where Angela Merkel comes from?", asks the rebellious Russo-German, stressing that "the prediction of Nostradamus is coming true: Germany really is ruining Europe". 

To be continued.... 

The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board

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